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How would YOU like to be a student at the first university in Russia to offer an American degree?

Moscow University Touro was established by Dr.Renee Lekach in February 1991 at the former Soviet Mission to the United Nations, with an agreement witnessed by the former Soviet Ambassador to the United Nations, Yuli Vorontsov, and the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Thomas Pickering.

Establishing Moscow University Touro was the first time in the history of Russia that an American institution of higher education would operate on Russian territory.

Moscow University Touro offers American BSc & MBA programs through the contractial agreement with Touro College of New York. We also offer GAAP, GMAT, TOEFL & SAT preparation courses, English as a Second Language, Russian for Foreigners and Corporate Training programs. Details about all of our programs are available on this web site.

The university operates throughout the year and courses are offered during the day and evening. All courses are offered at our campus in central Moscow and English is the primary language of instruction. While most of our students are Russian, our student body is truly international making for a cosmopolitan atmosphere on campus.

Since 1991, Moscow University Touro has established a solid record of accomplishment as a leader in higher education in Russia. Our professors are committed to teaching excellence and our graduates excel in diverse industries and hold top positions in Russian and international firms. Moscow University Touro has invented international-style business education in Russia and we will continue to shape its future.

We are often asked about the origin of our name. Moscow University Touro derives its name from the Touro family, leaders in colonial America, who represented the democratic ideals and education values upon which the founders of Moscow University Touro base its missions. Inspired by the democratic ethos enunciated by George Washington at Newport Rhode Island in 1790, the Touro family provided major endowments for universities, the first free library and community health facilities in the United States.

Moscow University Touro is committed to providing the highest standards of academic scholarship, freedom and ethics. We hold among our foremost values:

  • The free pursuit and open sharing of knowledge, excellence and, above all, truth
  • The importance of personal and professional integrity
  • The right of every world citizen to be treated with dignity and respect
  • The appreciation of diversity in our world and in our community without regard to ethnicity, national origin, race, religion, gender, age, political affiliation or disability
  • The commitment to social justice, democracy, community participation and lifelong learning

The Mission of the Moscow University Touro is to serve those seeking personal and professional growth and the world business community in the new century by preparing potential leaders through cutting edge instruction distinguished by its international, cross-cultural and ethical components. To accomplish our mission we intend to strengthen the thriving partnership between Moscow University Touro, its professors, staff and students, the international business community, and the community in which we live and serve. This will enable us to respond dynamically to meet the needs of a rapidly changing Russian economy and a globally competitive business world.



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