Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) is increasingly a critical factor for employnment and advancement in Russian Business. To respond to this need, Moscow University Touro offers a comprehensive GAAP course that leads to a University Accounting Principles Certificate. The course requires from 24 to 60 academic hours of calssroom work, depending on the class size. Classes are held in the evening and on the weekends at our centrally located campus. Courses begin at different dates throughout the year (generally every two months). The language of instruction is English. Moscow University Touro also offers other introductory western accounting courses.

Our Introduction to GAAP course is destined to the largest public possible. It is open to corporate employees, students from other universities and anyone seeking to learn basic western accounting principles.

The course covers such basic material as double entry bookkeeping, accounting for business income, adjusting entries, classified financial statements, short term liquid assets, inventories, current liabilities, payroll accounting, long term assets, corporate income statements and balance sheets.

Reading material is provided. The course involves homework assignments. The grade is determined by class participation, take home exercises, in class quizzes and a final examination.

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