Test of English as a Foreign Language is an international examination in English as a foreign language. TOEFL has been prepared by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) of Princeton University, New Jersey, USA.

The main goal of TOEFL is to evaluate the level of preparation of those for whom English is not a mother tongue. The submission of TOEFL results is a must for entering more than 2400 colleges and universities of the USA, Canada and also many countries in Europe. TOEFL results are typically required both for undergraduate and post-graduates applications. Moreover, TOEFL results are frequently required to participate in many certificate programs at educational institutions where English is the language of instruction. Certain scientific and professional certification programs also require applicants to take TOEFL.

Moscow University Touro offers a course to prepare students to take TOEFL (iTP Institutional Testing Program) and TOEFL (iBT internet-Based Test). Courses begin at various times during the year. The courses consist of small groups and studying in classes. Classes are held on Saturdays or in the evening on working days. Instructors are well-experienced in TOEFL and in helping students to obtain good TOEFL results.

Both a Russian teacher and a native speaker are assigned to teach you.

The TOEFL (iTP) preparation course covers development of audio, reading and essay writing skills. The course emphasizes a natural understanding of the main principles of English grammar and style. Courses are conducted using materials (booklets, tapes and CDs) provided by Educational Testing Services. These materials are updated on an annual basis. All materials during the course are supplied by the University.

The duration of the course is 50/60 academic hours. Moscow University Touro’s TOEFL preparation course aims to ensure you receive the TOEFL result you require.

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