Moscow University TOURO

These student evaluation are designed to aid fellow students in registering for future classes and to feedback to professors.
Course Title
Date of Course
1. Do you feel you completed this course with a clear understanding of the topics covered?
2. The instructor used class time effectively
3. The instructor's presentation showed preparation and organization
4. The course was well structured
5. The instructor was effective in explaining the material
6. The instructor was helpful to students
7. The instructor was available for consultation with students
8. Was this course more demanding then others?
9. Were the class assignments appropriate?
10. Were grading criteria fully explained?
11. Compared to other courses you have had, how would you rate this course?
12. Compared to other instructors you have had, how would you rate this instructor?
13. This course is:
14. How do you rate the quality of the readings?
15. What suggestions, if any, would you make to the professor to improve the course?
This is an anonymous test and is used to improve the quality of education at the UNIVERSITY.